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Generate infinite playlists to boost focus and creativity.

What is flow?

Psychologists define flow as being "in the zone," where your focus is at its peak, distractions fade away, and your performance soars. Find flow and unlock your full potential today.

generate Flow

to optimize focus

The world is full of noisy distractions, and distractions are the enemy of flow.

Other apps play annoying white noise or boring playlists. Only Mixl builds focus and creativity w/ infinite playlists of generated music and art.

“Using MIXL feels like jamming with the Grateful Dead. It unlocks pure creativity and lets me focus on art.”

Todd Gray
Contemporary POP ARTIST


Generate connections

with MIXL's TM

MIXL's TM are multimedia playlists generated just for your mood.
Share them with friends to connect and vibe together.

“As a singer-songwriter, I love sharing music  personally with my fans. MIXL makes it easy! It is so artist, and a great way to build more valuable connections with my fans.”

Lanita Smith
Song Writer | Recording Artist | Musician
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It's all about crafting the ideal musical escape, tailored to your preferences.

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